Useful MTHFR Resources along with general websites which you may find life-changing:



  • 23andMe: an easy-to-do salivary genetic test which tests 1,000’s of your genes (including MTHFR).
  • Sterlings App: once you receive your 23andMe results, run your raw data through here which will allow our practitioners to read the raw data. This looks primarily at immune function, detoxification, neurotransmitters. See our video on how to upload your data
  • MTHFR testing at home – purchase MTHFR testing you can do at home.

How to start with supplementation:

Diet and Lifestyle:

  • Folate rich foods
  • Gluten Free video – why is it important to be gluten free?
  • Histamine and why some people need to reduce their levels.
  • Foods to avoid – see the dirty dozen
  • Infrared Sauna – a good way to eliminate toxins in the comfort of your own home. HighTech Health has a very pure line of infrared saunas. Dr Lynch personally uses the ThermalLife 3 person sauna. Save $500 when stating you were referred by Dr Ben Lynch.

Some good recipe sites:

Vaccination Information:

Additional sites:

Resourceful Websites: