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Methylation is a difficult topic to grasp and its not one that is taught at Universities and Colleges and so its up to the individual to learn. This takes a lot of time and something we are all short on. So I am going to do it for you. Take the stress out of it and give you an opportunity to become experts in methylation and help you to identify the key genes you should be looking out for. How to identify them in clinical practice and give you strategies to take to help you work with the more difficult patients.

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In addition to the monthly benefits you will receive the opportunity to join our  Mentoring Programme whereby you can receive training directly from Carolyn Ledowsky so you too can become a methylation expert and increase your patient numbers substantially. Accredited members will receive listings on MTHFR Support Australia’s website for patient referral. 

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Monthly Webinar 2017 Monthly Webinar

February 2017

MTHFR – How do I explain this to my patients? What is the significance of this to Methylation and what are the key genes that pair with MTHFR to affect:

  • Mitochondrial energy
  • Fertility and hormones
  • Neurotransmitter function
  • Detoxification function

March 017
Drugs that affect MTHFR and Methylation – what can you do to make up for the biochemical shifts of these drugs?

April 2017

The science behind CBS and the genes. What do the experts say, what happens in reality? How do you address this and when?

May 2017

Gall bladder and MTHFR . The connection between Methylation and Gallbladder function. Why we are missing the signs?

June 2017

The Gut and MTHFR and methylation. What key genes predispose to gut dysfunction and how can you easily help these patients get back on track. How does the gut affect methylation?

July 2017

Genes affecting fertility. What combination of genes must we look for when assessing fertility issues and multiple miscarriage. How do they affect hormone and blood levels?

August 2017

Conference discussion points and concepts explored further.

September 2017


Detoxification strategies. What genes to look out for. What are the steps you need to take to assist patients with MTHFR and liver function issues. What bloods might suggest issues?

October 2017

Can cholesterol and fat metabolism issues be due to MTHFR and methylation?

November 2017

The combination of genes that predispose to early onset dementia. What can we do to prevent further development of the disease and which nutrients play a key role in support of these genes?

December 2017
MTHFR and Depression. Why do so many MTHFR patients present with depression? How does BH4 (tetrabiopterin) fit into this?

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