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This portal has been developed with you in mind. It’s your go to place for methylation, genetic and MTHFR information. Each year a programme will be developed to keep you up to date with the latest research, give you patient management programmes, webinars and training opportunities to further your knowledge and skills.

Methylation is a difficult topic to grasp and its not one that is taught at Universities and Colleges and so its up to the individual to learn. This takes a lot of time and something we are all short on. So I am going to do it for you. Take the stress out of it and give you an opportunity to become experts in methylation and help you to identify the key genes you should be looking out for. How to identify them in clinical practice and strategies to take to help you work with the more difficult patients.

Right now you have a few choices to make:

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We will bring you the latest methylation news and SNP information as it is launched.

2 Become a practitioner member.

Become-a-Practitioner-member-247x300-images-1As a practitioner member of MTHFR Support Australia you will be able to gain access to webinars, conferences, patient resources. You will be kept abreast of the latest information, latest research and be at the cutting edge of MTHFR and methylation cycle treatments and solutions for your patients.

You will receive:

  • 50% off the price of our monthly webinars (priced at $75 AUD plus GST)
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  • Patient resources and handouts
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3 Become an Accredited Practitioner via our Mentoring Programme.

Become-an-accredited-Practitioner-247x300-images-1Announcing MTHFR Support Australia’s Practitioner training and education programme.

Starting in 2017 MTHFR Support Australia will have a list of accredited practitioners on our site. With over 1,000 visitors to our site daily MTHFR Support Australia is fast becoming one of the leading sites to go to for patients wanting information and support.

Once you have completed the mentoring programme you will be listed as an accredited member of MTHFR Support Australia and your name will be listed on our site as an accredited practitioner. This will enable patients across Australia to access practitioners who understand MTHFR and methylation.

The mentoring and accreditation course will consist of group online training very 3 weeks for 6 months. You will present your own cases and learn how to approach difficult cases using genetics, organic acid testing and much more.

Only 20 practitioners will be accredited at a time, so spaces are limited.

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4 Become an Affiliate.

Become-an-affiliate-247x300-images-1If you are a practitioner member you can become an affiliate. This will give you the opportunity to earn income as you refer patients to our programmes and products.

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