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Practitioner Webinar: MTHFR and Early Onset Dementia

We will be having a look at the key genes that confer susceptibility to early onset dementia.


Practitioner Webinar: MTHFR Cholesterol and Fat Metabolism

Why do many patients with MTHFR genetic polymporphisms and methylation defects have high cholesterol and issues with fat metabolism.


Practitioner Webinar: MTHFR and Detoxification

The CBS pathway is essential to support our detoxification pathways like glutathione production, Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase.


Practitioner Webinar: Genes Affecting Fertility

Why do people with MTHFR gene mutations seem to always have gut issues?


Practitioner Webinar: The Gut, MTHFR and Methylation

Why do people with MTHFR gene mutations seem to always have gut issues?


Practitioner Webinar: MTHFR and Gall Bladder Function

Gall bladder disease is an epidemic in our society. Bile acids are being affected and this in turn is affecting our Gut, causing SIBO and making us fat.


The science behind the CBS pathway

The Cystathione Beta Synthase pathway is crucially important to understand and probably the one area of the methylation cycle that is most understood.


Drugs that affect MTHFR and Methylation

Pharmaceutical Drugs are metabolized mostly via the CYP enzyme group. Many pharmaceutical drugs are depleting key nutrients that are required for methylation.

Practitioner Webinar: MTHFR and Methylation

MTHFR and Methylation Webinar How do I explain MTHFR and Methylation to my patients? What is the significance of this to MTHFR and Methylation webinar and what are the key genes that pair with MTHFR to affect: 1) Mitochondrial energy 2) Fertility and hormones 3) Neurotranmitter function 4) Detoxification function Download the flyer for more […]


Methylation and Mitochondrial Health Presentation (audio only)

This is a recording of the Methylation & Mitochondrial Health Seminar that Carolyn Ledowsky presented in New Zealand.



Vaccinations! What information can we give our patients? How can we identify at risk children?


Oxalates and Glyphosate Webinar

October practitioner presentation: Oxalates and Glyphosate !

What is the significance for your patients?

Oxalates and glyphosates are in our food products daily. For many people they are metabolized and processed efficiently, however many of our methyl compromised patients are hugely affected because they affect gut function, CBS pathway, affect zinc, B6, iron and manganese levels. We must be aware of the signs and symptoms and address this with our patients accordingly.


Histamine and Methylation

Histamine is everywhere in our environment. its an important messaging molecule which may provoke symptoms asthma, eczema, acid reflux, diarrhea and low blood pressure. we tend to think of histamine in just in relation to allergies, however it can have a profound effect on our blood pressure, hormones, mood and digestive systems.

Date: 31st August 2016, Wednesday
Time: 7:30 pm AEST


MTHFR and Preconception – Key learnings and tools for practitioners

What you will learn: Key issues we need to be aware of when someone has the MTHFR gene and wants to fall pregnant Should I be testing all my prenatal ladies for the MTHFR gene? What sort of dosing should I be aware of What are the first steps to take Do you do anything […]


MTHFR Prescribing

In this webinar you will learn: What do you do? Where do you start? What supplements do you consider first? How do you start supporting this patients without upsetting them further? Will methyl products suit this person? Are they having trouble utilising their methyls?


Navigation Through MTHFR Hype Seminar

Improve the nature of your patients outcomes by better understanding MTHFR and methylation.


SNP Learning Masterclass

Join us for this masterclass series. It’s a must for anyone addressing MTHFR and methylation. This is your opportunity to to gain a full understanding of the key SNP’s and the significance of these SNP’s in the metabolic pathways.


B12 – Are We Missing The Basics? Webinar Recording

This Webinar will discuss the pivotal role of B12 in the body, how the current reference ranges allow deficiencies to be left undetected, the current reference ranges leaving patients and practitioners misinformed about healthy B12 levels, the key SNPS that affect B12 metabolism, optimal forms of B12 for specific SNPs  and key medications that are affecting B12 absorption.


Practitioner Training Series | MTHFR & Methylation: Webinar Recordings

A webinar series for practitioners examining the foundational aspects of MTHFR and Methylation needed in clinical practice.