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Carolyn Ledowskey ND, Founder and Director of MTHFR Support Australia

Carolyn ledowsky has become the leader in the field of MTHFR and methylation in Australia. She founded MTHFR Support Australia with a goal to raising the awareness of how MTHFR genetic polymorphisms may affect health. This has lead to the existence of the largest MTHFR and methylation clinic in the world. Carolyn and her team of practitioners work with patients from all over the world. MTHFR Support Australia this year, launched its own brand of products dedicated to patients with MTHFR and methylation issues.

Carolyn spends much of her time teaching and training practitioners all over Australia and New Zealand on how to address the genes to make a huge difference to patient outcomes.


Why is methylation so important. What is it we do?


Why is methylation so important - Full PDF

Why is methylation so important - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Genetic SNP’s that affect susceptibility to environmental toxins


Genetic SNP’s that affect susceptibility to environmental toxins - Full PDF

Genetic SNP’s that affect susceptibility to environmental toxins - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Day 1 Summary – Pathway planner breakdown/work groups


Day 1 Summary - Pathway planner breakdown/work groups - Full PDF

Day 1 Summary - Pathway planner breakdown/work groups - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Glyphosate genetic SNP’s and pathways. Case studies and remedies


Oxalates and Glyphosate - Full PDF

Oxalates and Glyphosate - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Other environmental factors – Who’s susceptible?


Other environmental factors – Full PDF

Other environmental factors – 6 Slides per Page PDF

Day 2 Summary – Putting it all together for patient assessment


Day 2 Summary - Putting it all together - Full PDF

Day 2 Summary - Putting it all together - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Dr. Debby Hamilton

Dr. Debby Hamilton is a Pediatrician with experience in primary care, integrative medicine, research, speaking and writing. She is board-certified in pediatrics, physician nutrition, and integrative/ holistic medicine (AIHM). Dr. Debby Hamilton founded Holistic Pediatric Consulting in Colorado in 2005. Her practice used an integrative focus to treat children with chronic diseases such as Autism and ADHD. By using functional medical testing, she could evaluate the underlying mechanisms involved in chronic diseases such as inflammation, immune deficiencies, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

After treating many children with chronic disease, she became interested in understanding the risk factors involved in children developing these illnesses. After researching over 600 references, she wrote Preventing Autism & ADHD:

Controlling Risk Factors, Before, During & After Pregnancy. Her book led to her collaboration in the writing of The Healthy Child Guide through the Neurological Health Foundation


Methylation and other genetic mutations lead to increased susceptibility to environmental toxins and infections in children with Autism and Down’s syndrome.


Increased Risks - Full Size PDF

Increased Risks - 6 Slides per Page PDF


Nicole Bijlsma

Nicole Bijlsma is a woman of passion and her passion is in environmental medicine. As a result of her own infertility issues, and noticing a strong connection between many of her patients illnesses and hazards in the home, Nicole established the Australian College of Environmental Studies in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built enviroment. Nicole is an accomplished naturopath and acupuncturist, having lectured at various universities for 12 years, the bestselling author of Healthy Home Healthy Family,  has published in peer reviewed journals, has written extensively for Body+Soul newspaper, is regularly consulted by the media to discuss electromagnetic fields and toxic chemicals, and lectures in Australia and abroad to integrative GPs about environmental health issues. Nicole and her husband Mark manufacture the Abode cleaning product range which was developed for people with skin and chemical sensitivities. She has three young children and is currently doing her Masters on environmental health.


Endocrine Disrupting hormones – Who’s at risk?


Endocrine Disrupting Hormones - Full PDF

Endocrine Disrupting Hormones - 6 slides per Page PDF

Other environmental factors – heavy metals, viruses, lyme, mould, vaccines, diet. Who’s susceptible


Environment Triggers - Full PDF

Environment Triggers - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Vanita Dahia

Vanita Dahia is an integrative medicine clinical consultant pharmacist, naturopath and clinical nutritionist.

Functional pathology clinical consultant and Health Services manager providing in-depth technical and clinical consultancy and expert technical training incorporating assessment, interpretation and prescriptive guidelines to doctors and allied health practitioners internationally.

Vanita is a medical authority and extraordinary mentor to her peers and patients alike. As a presenter to her peers and community at large, she is engaging, articulate, humorous, and insightful, making learning a dynamic experience for professional and personal growth.

Board certified fellow in Anti-ageing and regenerative medicine providing clinical training programs and educational initiatives to Dr’s and allied health practitioners.

She has more than 30 years expertise in compounding pharmacy, functional Pathology, herbal, Ayurveda and integrative medicine.

Vanita received her training in anti-aging medicine through association and membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M and A5M) and Professional compounding Centres of America and Australia (PCCA).

Vanita is an international speaker and a published author of Alchemy of the Mind.


Organophosphate and Endocrine Disrupters. How to test and evaluate Case studies and treatment.


Organophosphates and Hormone Disruptors - Full PDF

Organophosphates and Hormone Disruptors - 6 Slides per Page DPF

Dr. Andrew Rostenberg

Dr Andrew Rostenberg has become a leading voice in the emerging field of functional medicine and genetics, raising awareness of how genetic variation impacts our health. In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. Rostenberg has developed cutting-edge protocols using methylation pathways designed to optimise biochemistry, detoxification, digestion, brain function and more. Due to the popularity of his BeyondMTHFR YouTube channel and website, he has attracted patients from all over the world who seek to optimise their genes and change their lives. He has clinical experience treating patients of all ages and walks of life, ranging from elite athletes and children to those suffering from complex digestive, autoimmune and neurological diseases.


Genetic Roots of Stress and Anxiety. How the gut affects your mood.


Genetic Roots of Stress and Anxiety. How the Gut affects your Mood - Powerpoint

Gut Case Studies.


Case Studies - How Gut Problems can cause Brain Problems - Powerpoint

Gut Case Studies - Putting it all together - Powerpoint

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. She has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur. She has authored over two dozen peerreviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics, and has delivered numerous slide presentations around the world.


Glyphosate disruption of methylation


Glyphosate disruption of methylation - Powerpoint

Glyphosate's disruption of methylation - Full PDF

Glyphosate's disruption of methylation - 6 Slides per Page PDF

Dr. William Shaw

A number of markers in the organic acid test are affected by the transulfuration methylation cycle which involves cofactors such as reduced folate cofactors, vitamin B-6, deoxyadenosyl -cobalamin and methylcobalamin, betaine, and riboflavin. This pathway is also markedly altered by various genetic SNPs and by exposure to a variety of toxic chemicals. Alterations in this pathway affect metabolism of homocysteine, methionine, cysteine, glutathione, S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e), methylmalonic acid, and neurotransmitters. Critical markers in the organic acid test that will be discussed include methylmalonic acid, 2-hydroxybutyric acid, and pyroglutamic acid. In addition, the integration of the use of markers not present in the organic acid will also be analyzed using case studies.


Organic Acids Evaluation and methylation insights


Methylation pathways and organic acid testing- Full PDF

Methylation pathways and organic acid testing- 6 slides per Page PDF

Warren Maginn

Warren Maginn is a Clinical Nutritionist, College Lecturer and Speaker, specialising in the personalised and functional management of chronic metabolic dysfunction through the principles of Nutritional Medicine and a highly individualised approach to patient care. Serving as the National Chair of Nutrition for the Australian Natural Therapists Association, and acting as Scientific Advisor to practitioner resource companies in the industry, Warren is passionate about assisting practitioners and students to gain greater technical insights from current functional medicine understanding and how to apply this knowledge in clinical practice.



Accurately testing B12, Folate and methylation.


Accurately testing B12, Folate and methylation - PowerPoint Slides


Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Carrie Jones’ passion and expertise lies in the areas of hormonal, adrenal, and thyroid health. She recognises that imbalance can occur at any age and believes it is important to look at the big picture such as the appropriate use of lab testing. Dr. Jones graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon then went on to complete her residency in women’s health, endocrinology and hormones. Later she graduated from Grand Canyon University’s Master of Public Health program with a goal of doing more international work and health empowerment. Dr. Jones is an adjunct professor at NUNM and regularly consults, lectures, and writes on the topic of hormones, thyroid, adrenals, autoimmune and more both nationally and internationally. As the Medical Director for Precision Analytical, Inc., her goals are to provide ongoing cutting edge integrative clinical education to the large network of providers paving the way of healthcare with functional medicine.



When Hormones, Organic Acids and Genetics Collide: How to put the puzzle pieces of testing together.


MTHFR support Hormones OAT DNA Jones -Powerpoint

MTHFR support Hormones OAT DNA Jones - Full PDF

MTHFR support Hormones OAT DNA Jones - 6 Slides per Page PDF


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